• Yoga

  • What is Yoga and why do it?

    Yoga means Union. Union means bringing things together. Yoga helps to integrate our body and mind together. Yoga is an excellent way to exercise our body and mind, so we stay healthy physically and mentally.

    Who would do Yoga?

    Everyone! Kids to elderly, men and women. Please check with your doctors first if you have special health concerns or recent injuries/surgeries. Most poses can be modified to safely practiced for all levels of practitioners.

    How do we breath in Yoga?

    Ujai Breathe. Ujai means audible, sounding. Breathe in through the nose making the belly expand then the chest expand. Breathe out through the nose making the chest fall down then the belly fall down. Mouth is closed.

    How do sit in Yoga?

    Legs crossed comfortably, pressing the sits bones into the ground, making the spine tall and lengthened while balancing the Head weight DIRECTLY over the Hips. Tighten the lower belly while doing so will better support the lower back. You can use cushions, blocks or blankets for more comfort.

    How do we stand in Yoga?

    Legs together or slightly apart, especially if you have tight hips. Stand tall by engaging leg muscles and pressing feet downward actively into ground. Don’t lock the knees.

    How often do we practice Yoga?

    For beginners, try one class per week. As you build your practice, increase to two or more classes per week. It is recommended that you try different styles (over 40 to choose from!) and different instructors.

    What do we wear to practice Yoga?

    Comfortable loose fitting exercise clothes, two-piece or one-piece spandex workout clothes (not too tight!). Jeans or other movement-restricting pants or skirts are not suited for practice. Please be sensitive and respectful to other Practitioners by NOT wearing overly exposed or suggestive clothing. Please DO NOT wear heavy scent or cologne, for others may be sensitive to its smell.

    Why do we practice Yoga?

    Because regular YOGA Practice could help you…

    • reduce neck, shoulder, back, hip, elbow, wrist, knee, & ankle pain
    • increase breathing capacity, decrease stress level & increase relaxation response
    • reduce high blood pressure, increase metabolism & control weight
    • gain physical flexibility, strength & endurance
    • gain mental focus & increased Body Awareness
    • increase range of motion
    • manage & control chronic pain (i.e. Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia)
    • ease & control depression & anxiety

    What are props and why do we use them in Yoga?

    Props are things that help us go deeper into stretch and support us. First and foremost, there is Yoga mat. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you get a sticky (Tapas) mat. Often the instructor carries good quality mats. For hygienic reason, it is STRONGLY recommended that you get your OWN mat and clean it from time to time. You can choose not to use one when you become more experienced. You can also use other types of mats, such as cotton mats, or padded mats.

    • Yoga blocks are used to help with balancing and added support.
    • Yoga ties are used to help with tight muscles.
    • Cushions are used to support the neck, hips, knees and more.
    • Blankets are used to support or to cover during Savasna (relaxation practice).
    • Eye pillow is used to deepen the relaxation practice.
    • Water for hydration. It is highly recommended that you drink at least 1/2 of your body weight converted into ounces each day. For example, if you weigh 150 lb, drink 75 oz of water every day. If you are not feeling well, drink more!