• Our teachers

  • Yeong Chang, LMBT, ERYT-200, CFST

    Founder & Owner, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga


    Yeong is passionate about helping those who are suffering from chronic muscle/joint pain. She was an electrical engineer until 2001. She fell ill due to stress from her job and was faced with a life changing decision. She had been taking some yoga classes at a local gym, and she fell in love with how Yoga helped her to feel peaceful and calm. It gave her sanctuary when she was struggling with her high demanding profession. She especially loved it when the instructor covered her with a blanket during relaxation meditation at the end of the Yoga practice. That’s when she decided, “This is what I want to do for people”.

    Since 2002, Yeong has taught over 5,000 yoga classes held in churches, synagogues, schools, libraries, residences, and companies. She has taught classes to people of all ages : toddlers to people in their 80s. She added massage therapy to her skill set in 2004. Yeong gives clear and concise instructions to her clients, so the clients can help themselves when they encounter muscle/joint pain. Yeong’s yoga classes and massage therapy/bodywork sessions are tailored to help each client with their needs that day. She is well versed in modifications when the client is in need of extra support in both yoga classes and massage therapy/bodywork sessions. She has taught across different range of yoga experience levels, often within the same class.

    Clients describe Yeong as a “caring, compassionate, and highly knowledgeable” yoga teacher/massage therapist. Yeong is a nationally registered yoga teacher since 2002. She holds massage therapy licenses in Massachusetts and North Carolina.

  • Suzanne Ballantyne, RYT-200, B.A., CHWC, M.A

    Hatha Yoga


    Suzanne Ballantyne, B.A., CHWC, RYT200, M.A. (abt) started practicing yoga 18 years ago. Her teacher training program was completed in 2010 in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, developed by Shiva Rae from California. She has since completed another 150 hours + of additional training, including sequencing, pranayama (breath work), therapeutic/restorative yoga, as well as yoga for wellness & for seniors. She has attended workshops with Sheri Clampett & Arturo Peal, Carol Krucoff and Gary Kraftsow among others. Suzanne’s personal practice is for peace & well being; weaving all of the 8 limbs of yoga into her life on a daily basis. Suzanne is also a Accredited & Credentialed Health and Wellness Coach and is a member of the Raleigh Chapter of the International Coaching Federation. Suzanne’s coaching is deeply influenced by her yoga journey. Suzanne has been independently studying eastern philosophy, meditation and nutrition for 20+ years. She has been attending silent retreats once or twice/year for the last 8 years. In addition to her classes, Suzanne offers silent mini retreats and 24-hour Radical Self-Care Retreats encouraging all of us to love ourselves well. www.simplypractice.net
    "Perhaps the most important part of yoga is the relationship we develop with ourselves through our practice; the relationship that evolves between the breath, the body, our lives and the self. Learning to love our selves is fundamental to our peace & well being. For while everything around us will change, the relationship we have with our self through practice is fundamental to the way we navigate those life changes. Yoga practice is the one consistent flowing piece of life within the other constantly flowing pieces.” - suzanne ballantyne
  • Link Freeman



    Insightful, empathic, and intuitive, Link is creative energy in motion. With a soft grace that carries a strong presence Link enters a room and brings an immediate sense of Zen to those gifted to encounter him. 
    Links journey into the Healing Arts began in 2012 after a severe motorcycle crash which left him in daily pain. He had resigned himself to enduring that reality until massage therapy revolutionized his mindset about healing. He entered massage therapy school with the goal of liberating the world from pain, one person at a time. During his time as a massage therapist he begun to struggle more deeply with mental illness and a diagnosis of Bipolar I disorder. He discovered Qi Gong in Asheville which opened him to new levels of healing through the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine. He recovered from a chronic skin condition and restrictions in his lungs, as well as finding meditation a natural way of balancing his emotional and mental health.
    Since 2014 he has begun training as a shamanic pracitioner and studies under Grandmaster Michael Lomax in the arts of Clinical Qi Gong. He has also taken spiritual sojourns to Japan, Brasil, and Peru for months at a time searching for more connected approaches to life and has embraced each toward a higher understanding Truth. His passion is to work on the spiritual level to dissolve the root issues in clients. His academic studies in Philosophy and Japanese culture gave him refined language and tools to navigate the worldviews that shape our experience. 
    He is ecstatic to begin offering Qi Gong classes where students can actively participate in their healing process and experience new ways of being in their body