• Rates

  • Pricing for Yeong Yoga Classes

    Class Duration Fee
    Drop-In 60 Mins $15
    Drop-In 75 Mins $16.50
    Drop-In 90 Mins $18
    5 class card: 60 Mins $65
    10 class card: 60 Mins $120
    5 class card: 75 Mins $72.50
    10 class card: 75 Mins $140
    Monthly Unlimited Yoga: $60
    Monthly+ Unlimited Yoga (one 60 min massage): $120
  • Pricing for Suzanne (Zan) Yoga Classes

    Drop-In50 Mins$13
    Drop-In75 Mins$15
    10 class card:50 Mins$125
    10 class card:75 Mins$135
    Intro special:3 classes for $30 (New students ONLY)
  • Pricing for Link QiGong Class

    Drop-In60-90 min$20
    7 class card60-90 min$100
  • call (508) 868 8940 for more information


    Specials for NEW Clients : First 3 Yoga classes with Yeong is $20. First 60 min massage sessions for $40.

    Teachers and school staffs, students (K~College), and seniors (65+) can receive 10% discount on drop-in rates, multiple class pass, and massage/bodywork session.  Discount DOES NOT apply to Monthly Unlimited Yoga and Monthly+ Unlimited Yoga pass.

    All multi-class pass expire within 12 weeks of class time.

    Monthly+ Unlimited Yoga pass allows students to take unlimited yoga classes monthly plus one 60 min massage session.

    Monthly Unlimited Yoga and Monthly+ Unlimited Yoga pass EXPIRES at the end of the month.  Please purchase the pass in the beginning of the month to utilize it to its fullest value.

    Monthly Unlimited Yoga and Monthly+ Unlimited Yoga pass pricing will be prorated during studio vacations.

    Please note that pricing may change without notice. No Double Discounts allowed. Check this website for latest rates.

    Payment Policy: Payment is due at the time of service. Cash, Checks, and major credit cards are accepted.


    Please NOTE: Classes with Zan or other teachers are not included as part of Yeong's Montly Unlimited Passes.  Payments must be made directly to these teachers.


    Thank You!