• Hatha Yoga with Yeong

    Hatha Yoga means physical yoga involving poses and movements.  Yeong will guide you to breathe deeply, stretch safely, and meditate calmly.  Class is open to all levels of practitioners.  Many props are used to aid the body into deeper stretches safely.  Modifications are given when special conditions, such as pregnancy, knee sensitivity, tight hips and others are presented.  Yeong's instructions are clear and concise.  Yeong's teaching style is versatile and creative.  Yeong explains relevant human anatomy & physiology along with body mechanics, so students will carry the benefit from the class well beyond the classroom into their everyday life.

  • Intro to Ashtanga with Yeong

    Are you looking for a vigorous practice of yoga?  Then this class is for you.  Yeong will explain the intention and focus of each ashtanga primary series poses until all of them are covered.  Excluding sun salutation movements, there are 51 poses in all, in Ashtanga primary series.  Modifications will be taught for getting into and out of positions safely.  Come and try out this fun and dynamic class!

  • Meditation Classes with Gabriel and Anna

    Please come and join Gabriel and Anna for the month of June, 2016 for insightful meditation classes.

    June 7 - Foundational Sitting Meditation  Learn to anchor your awareness into the present moment and to realign focus to intention. Instructors will guide you to listen through your senses, body sensations, and breath.

    June 14 - Visualization Sitting Meditation  Learn the powerful skill of visualization. Instructors will guide you through visualizations targeted toward stress-reduction, compassion for self and others, and creativity.

    June 21 - Body Scans   Enhance your understanding of the connection between the mind and body with this class devoted to body scans. Instructors will guide you on how to listen to what your body is telling you with empathy and curiosity - especially helpful for managing difficult emotions, stress, and difficulty falling asleep!

    June 28 - Mindful Movement and Communication  Take your mindfulness practice beyond seated meditation, learning how to move and converse with others mindfully. Instructors will guide you through walking meditation, awareness of your environment, and mindful listening with others.